Today's economical and ecological considerations are aiming for more efficient design and cost effective operation and maintenance of yachts, both pleasure or commercial.

With modern technology and scientific knowledge these can easily be achieved if taken in consideration at an early design stage. Naval architecture.

Choosing Fortabat Yacht Design ensures your project will be designed with an emphasis on these goals during the full process and from the early stages.
A close priviledged relationship between the owner and the architect will also ensure that your yacht will perfectly match the design brief requirements.

FYD driving philosophy is to match, for each and every design, the perfect blend of creativity, innovation and excellence.
"Graduated from the renowed Southampton Maritime Faculty with Honours and a specialisation in aero-hydrodynamics of sailing, I have been working many years for different design offices on projects ranging from production sailing yachts to exploration ships and ice-breakers. At the same time I have been involved in racing as a professional on the international circuit with great achievements. I created FYD in 2004 as an independent structure. The goal of the company was, and will always be, to merge technical expertise and perfect knowledge of the sea environnement in order to produce ever better design regarding seaworthiness, performance, ergonomics and aesthetics."
Alexandre Fortabat, FYD founder
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